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Monday, December 31, 2007

PF 2008

Aminostar Cup 2005 - preview videoclip

Here is preview videoclip from the first Aminostar Cup (2005)with big stars like world champion Stefan Havlik on the start.

Photos from this contest in CYM Members Area: 43
Videos from this contest in CYM Members Area: 21

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lukas F - amazing back and shoulders muscle

Today´s free photo sample is from the new photoset with CYM model Lukas F. His muscle definition is really amazing.

Lukas´s Photos in CYM Members Area: 161
Lukas´s Videos in CYM Members Area: 7

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Karel is one of our first models. Here is one previer pic.

Karel´s Photos in CYM Members Area: 16

DVD Czech Teenage Bodybuilding Championship 2005

Our today´s videoclip is DVD Trailer from DVD "The Czech National Teenagers Bodybuilding Championship!!. This contest is the most important for the youngest bodybuilder in the Czech Republic every year. This DVD video contains prejudging, evening show incl. free posing of all competitors and posedowns of all classes, contest results and great bonus track from pump room and backstage. Here is the trailer:

Friday, December 21, 2007

DVD about Frantisek HUF

Today something special: Two first time published photos are from taking of new DVD about Frantisek Huf which will come out in March 2008.

Frantisek´s Videos in CYM Members Area:15
Frantisek´s Photos in CYM Members Area:209

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Petr Oplistil - preview clip

Here is preview clip of CYM new face:

Last summer photos with Jiri

We posted into CYM members area the last one video and photo gallery from big summer set with Jiri. Here is one free photo:

Jiri´s Videos in CYM Members Area: 54
Jiri´s Photos in CYM Members Area: 808

New model Petr Oplistil

CYM discovered this 19 years old junior bodybuilder on contest Prague Cup 2007.But he is not absolute newcomer inside Czech bodybuilding scene. Petr goes to gym regularly four years and three years is competive bodybuilder. The biggest Petr´s success is 6th place from World Juniors Bodybuilding Championship 2006. Petr is a student of commercial academy in Pribram near Prague. I am postind two free photos of Petr.

Petr´s Videos in CYM Members Area: 2
Petr´s Photos in CYM Members Area: 31

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Jan Jankovic is vice World Champion

CONGRATULATION!!! Jan has silver medal (class juniors fitness) from Juniors & Masters World Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bodyfitness Championships which was this weekend in Budapest. Here is one pis from summer this year.

Flash new: Will be Jan Jankovic new World Champion?

In Budapest (Hungary) is taking place Juniors & Masters World Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bodyfitness Championships this weekend. Czech bodybuilder and our model Jan Jankovic has big chance to be new world champion in class juniors fitness. Look at two photos from prejudging (yesterday).

Jan Jankovic is on the left side

Jan on the right side

We posted exclusive photo gallery and videoclip from Jan´s training two weeks before World Championship in to member area of Czechyoungmuscle.com. Here is one sample photo:

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