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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Erik - new CYM model

We just posted first pics gallery and first videoclip with new CYM model Erik. He is 22 years old student of the Graphic school. Between his the bigest hobbies belongs fitness because to look good is very important for him. He also likes cars and motorcycles. He is just now starting in the modeling industry. He cooperates with CzechYoungMuscle from September 2007. You can see first two promo pics in todays post.

Erik´s videos in CYM Members Area: 1
Erik´s photos in CYM Members Area: 27

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jiri Beranek

Jiri was one of my first models a few years before I founded web site CzechYoungMuscle. In years 1995-96 was Jiri very successful Czech teenage and junior bodybuilder. Of course, his pics galleries have to be also at CzechYoungMuscle today. Jiri´s sample photos:

Jiri´s photos in CYM Members Area: 44

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pavel Hochman - preview videoclip

Filip J - junior bodybuilder

Filip started his sport career in year 2006 and is vice-champion of the Czech Republic. Next season will be more difficult for him because he will start in junior class with older and heavyer bodybuilders and therefore need gain weight. His muscle definition and separation is perfekt – it could be his advantage. Filip is studying high school (electro focus), likes sports and music. Gym photos was taken in gym Big 1 Brno, Czech Republic.

Filip´s videos in CYM Members Area: 11
Filip´s photos in CYM Members Area: 99

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thomas Mach

CYM model Thomas is a competive bodybuilder and fitness model. Massive muscles and magnificent symmetry. Check this samples:

Thomas´s videos in CYM Members Area: 10
Thoma´s photos in CYM Members Area: 88

Jan M & Vojtech M - promo clip

Vítek Rendl

Vitek is a very talented young bodybuilder. His form in autumn 2005 was really amazing. Need verification? OK, look look at first two sample photos in this post. Bodybuilding is a sport and job at the some time for him. He works as a personal trainer in a Fitness Centrum in Prague.

Vítek´s videos in CYM Members Area: 7
Vítek´s photos in CYM Members Area: 62


Sexy guy Mario works in modelling industry and he is also professional masseur. To have perfect body is very important for him all the time. He can to pose for cameras very good and he likes it. It is to see on pics and videos. Here are some free photo samples with him:

Mario´s videos in CYM Members Area: 2
Mario´s photos in CYM Members Area: 93

Milan Menda

Milan is 20 years old student from Prague. He took part in his first competitions in April 2005. And he won the Bohemia and Czech Teen Division Championships and Bohemia Junior Championship. Three times on the start - two times in the first place - that is a great success for this young muscular bodybuilder. Look at the first part of his free pics:

Milan´s videos in CYM Members Area: 17
Milan´s photos in CYM Members Area: 236


One of most popular CYM models. Ice hockey player, Boxer, Top European Fitness model, young athlete god. That all is Drexy. Sculpted perfection; see his amazing photographs inside CzechYougMuscle.com . Here is the first part of his promo pics:

Drexy´s Photos in CYM Members Area: 304

Friday, September 21, 2007

DVD hardcopies in our shop available

Our DVD shop is fully functional again. You can buy both downloadable versions and hard copies of all our DVDs. To visit CYM DVD Shop click to headline of this post.

Fitness Instructor Thomas

Like Bobby Ryan also one CYM model was fitness instructor. I met Thomas by accident in one fitness center where I took photos for Penthouse (Czech Edition) feature "Men´s Health and fFitness". Unfortunately I have one photoshoot with him only. Look at samples:

Thomas´s photos in CYM Members Area: 17

First Guest Star: Bobby Ryan

I would like offer a little bit more than CYM photos and videos only. Sometimes I will write also about interesting people with great personality "outside CzechYoungMuscle". I am starting with Bobby Ryan, young, cute Canadian with absolutly perfect body. Ryan is (or was) fitness instructor. He won TV reality show Strip search which discovered him for male dancing and modeling. Can you imagen something like absolutely beauty? I thing Ryan is very close.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

DVD about Jiri Borkovec

Let me interduce CYM DVD shop which you can find here. Inside is 6 downloadable DVDs at the moment. To buy hard copies will be available very soon, probably untill end of this week. I think most wanted is DVD about CYM star Jiri Borkovec "Jiri Borkovec: My Body? ...My Life!". Here are some stills and trailer to this DVD.

LUKAS ROUBIK - Bohemia Junior Champion

Incredible symmetry and muscle quality. Lukas is the Czech bodybuilding teenage Champion from year 2004 but school and graduation are his priorities No. 1 . To have perfect body is very important for him all the time. CYM team took photos and shot videos close to the Czech health resort Carlsbad, town Brno and many others places and of course on bodybuilding contests. Here you can see first promo pics.

Lukas´s videos in CYM Members Area: 39
Lukas´s photos in CYM Members Area: 454

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jan Matejka - Czech Juniors Champion 2005

Jan is the Juniors Champion of the Czech Republic - class over 80 kg. He is also CYM model from November 2005. Look at his perfect well-developed muscles.

Look also at CYM promo videoclip with Jan:

Jan´s videos in CYM Members Area: 10
Jan´s photos in CYM Members Area: 63

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